DENSO First Time Fit® Starter & Alternators are remanufactured and tested to the strictest OE specifications for unparalleled performance. With over 60 years of experience supplying the automakers with premium electrical components, DENSO has the inside track on starter technology. DENSO starters provide maximum cranking torque under all conditions, and are environmentally designed to start in cold and hot weather conditions. DENSO alternators are original equipment on many of the world's top production cars, where their light weight, high efficiency, and durability under the most grueling conditions make them the natural choice. DENSO First Time Fit Alternators provide perfect mounting with no belt/pulley alignment issues.

  • Premium cores and precise OE assembly benchmarks
  • Designed to meet grueling heat and electrical requirements
  • First Time Fit provides perfect mounting with no belt/pulley alignment issues

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  • High-voltage tested armature and field coils to ensure reliable performance
  • Premium copper terminals to ensure a clean source of electrical current
  • All-new bearings, brushes, and seals

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