A/C clutch inoperative and A/C light flashing.

The magnetic clutch relay is disengaging.
Keywords: Clutch, A/C

Cabin air filter installation precaution.

Most likely that the vehicle cabin air filter was replaced with the air blend door in the "Fresh Mode"
Keywords:  Cabin Air Filter

A/C clutch inoperative and fan won't turn off.

The A/C water temperature switch may have been damaged.
Keywords: Clutch

A/C Compressor Troubleshooting.

A/C compressor troubleshooting tips
Keywords: Compressor, Troubleshooting

Charging System Troubleshooting.

Charging system troubleshooting tips
Keywords: Charging System, Troubleshooting

Compressor snap ring installation precaution.

Snap Ring used to secure the stator and rotor was improperly installed.
Keywords: Compressor, Snap Ring

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) service produces DTC P0135.

Wrong part installed.
Keywords: A/F Sensor

DTC P0171 returns after A/F sensor replacement.

Client complains check engine light on, rough idle and engine surging between 500 and 800 RPM.
Keywords: A/F Sensor

O2 and A/F Sensor Troubleshooting.

O2 and A/F sensor troubleshooting tips.
Keywords: A/F Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Troubleshooting

Poor cooling performance in a vehicle with dual A/C.

Thermosensitive tube of the rear expansion valve has become loose.
Keywords: A/C, Cooling

Poor driver's side cooling.

Loss of refrigerant could cause this situation

Radiator damage.

Radiator Overflow Nipple Cracked.
Keywords: Radiator

Starter Troubleshooting.

Starter Troubleshooting Tips.
Keywords: Starter, Troubleshooting

Wrong oil filter.

Wrong oil filter may have caused restriction.
Keywords: Oil Filter

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