Compresseur bruyant.
Noise from inside compressor. • Bearing worn or damaged.
• Defective cylinder and/or shaft.
Disassemble and replace
defective parts.
Embrayage magnétique bruyant. Rattling noise when magnetic clutch is not engaged. Bearing worn or damaged. Replace bearing.
Bruit provenant de la conduite. Piping not secured. Piping vibrating. Pulsating noise resonates into body. Secure piping.
Bruit provenant du condenseur. Condenser vibration prominent. Condenser mounting stay resonating with body. Secure by inserting rubber between stay and body.
Bruit produit par le support. Rattles when touched, continuous rattling heard when operating. • Bracket cracked or broken.
• Mounting bolts loose.
• Replace.
• Retighten bolts.
Galet tendeur bryant.
• Clattering noise produced.
• Rattles when touched.
• Bearing broken.
• Bracket cracked or loose.
• Replace.
• Replace or retighten.
Poulie de démarrage bruyante. Rattles. Improperly installed. Replace or retighten.
Courroie bruyante
• Belt deflection excessive
• Belt side surface worn
• Belt worn
• Belt worn
• Belt center misaligned
• Worn belt causing belt slipping on pulleys and tensioner
• Adjust tension
• Align center
• Replace belt
Tendeur de courroie bruyant
Courroie qui crisse et/ou bruit de grondement Tensioner bearing or tensioner spring weak Replace belt and tensioner


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